It all starts with a

Our own journey to New Zealand started with a dream. After seeing photos and videos of the incredible scenery and speaking to travellers returning home with amazing stories, we knew we had to experience New Zealand for ourselves.

If you’re dreaming about your next adventure holiday but not exactly sure where to go, then it should come as no surprise when we tell you that New Zealand should definitely be on your shortlist. We won’t try and convince you that New Zealand is ‘the best’. We’ve travelled enough to know that this world is full of amazing places and that travellers these days are spoilt for choice. But what we will say is that if you love adventure and the outdoors, a holiday in New Zealand will not disappoint.

We’ve been travelling around New Zealand since 2013 and we continue to experience the country with the same sense of wonder and appreciation. Below are some of our own adventures which we hope will inspire you to come and visit this beautiful country.

Spirits Bay

Visit Spirits Bay

A popular kiwi camping spot, the Spirits Bay campsite is a great place to get a way from it all and a good base from which to explore the Cape Reinga region.

Te Paki dunes sandboarding

Go sandboarding at Te Paki Dunes

No visit to the top of New Zealand's North Island would be complete without sandboarding at the giant Te Paki sand dunes near Cape Reinga.

Mangawhai Beach

Walk the Mangawhai Cliffs Walkway

Explore the rugged coastline with it's secluded beaches and enjoy stunning clifftop views along this scenic loop walk just north of Mangawhai Heads Beach.

Ripiro Beach

Walk the Kai Iwi Lakes Coastal Track

To be honest, this track isn’t a must-do, but if you’re visiting nearby Kai Iwi Lakes (you really should), consider this easy walk with it's little surprise.

Need help planning your New Zealand adventure holiday?

We get it. Visiting a new country for the first time can be both exciting and a little daunting. New Zealand is a welcoming country and kiwis are friendly people but they’re also quite protective of their island nation, understandably so given it’s natural beauty.

It pays to be prepared before you arrive with some important biosecurity rules to be aware of when you first step foot off the plane. Then there are our narrow winding roads to contend with, made even tricker if you’re not used to driving on the left hand side. Planning on freedom camping? You definitely need to be aware of the increasing restrictions around this popular form of accommodation.

But don’t worry, there’s nothing that a bit of forward planning can’t prepare you for and we’re here to help. We’ll do our best to answer all your questions from our own experience or at the very least, guide you in the right direction as you plan your ideal New Zealand itinerary. So go on, get in touch.